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by Megg

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The other day, my friend Ping of Ping’s Pickings let me know that she’d tagged me in a 7-link challenge!  It’s a fun way to showcase your own posts… but indeed, a bit of a challenge… for me, at least!  Here are the rules of the game:

1) publish links for the categories below (1 link per category)

2) nominate up to 5 bloggers to take part

Alrighty, let’s see…..

1. The most beautiful post:


Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream

Jeepers, that’s the first one?  I guess I’d better throw humility out the window right now.  Most beauuuutiful, eh?  I’m going to go with my Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream post.  The ice cream was amazing, and I was really happy with how the photos turned out.


2. The most popular post:

Cherry-Chipotle Beef Ribs

According to Google Analytics, my recent Cherry-Chipotle Beef Ribs post is already the most viewed.  I’m actually surprised at that, since it is so new!


3. The most controversial post:

Chioggia Beet Carpaccio

Uh.. I don’t really think of my posts as controversial, but I’ll say Chioggia Beet Carpaccio, since people seem to get offended by beets… for some reason.

4. The most helpful post:

Why, hello there!

Bento Basics: How to Get Started in Bento wins this category, from back when PopArtichoke was my only site.  Now that all the bento stuff is at PopBento, I’ll be posting an updated version there in the future.


5. The post that was surprisingly successful:

Wine-Braised Baby Octopus with Saffron Polenta Cake

I guess I’d pick the Wine-Braised Baby Octopus with Saffron Polenta Cakes post.  Mostly because I know so many people who don’t dare try to cook octopus… then again, I guess they’re just reading. ^_^


6. The post that did not get the attention it deserved:


Jerk Chicken Pot Pie

Jerk Chicken Pot Pie - a PopArtichoke original.   It’s a cold weather recipe, to be sure, but I’m pretty proud of it.  I mean, I don’t like pot pie.  So I created one that I liked.  That deserves attention, right?  Spicy, savory jerk chicken, rainbow chard, sweet potatoes.. all inside a flavorful cornbread crust!  I wasn’t totally happy with the photos, so maybe that’s why it wasn’t as popular as I wished it to be.  But who knows, maybe its heyday starts now!

7. The post that I’m most proud of:


Orange-Pepper Sorbet, Candied Oranges with Dark Chocolate Ribbon, Fanta "Caviar"

Here it is, #7!  I’m going to have to say my recent A Night at the Opera post.  It was the first time I ever tried to have a party like this, and I’m rather proud of the results, if I do say so myself!


Alright, now I have to pick 5 people to carry on the challenge!  Here’s my nominees:

Carol - Open Mouth Insert Cookie

Jenn- Bentobird

Ian - The Logan Square Foodie

Debra - Hapa Bento

Kim - Pass the Pocky


Make sure to check out my nominees’ blogs!  And thanks SO much to Ping for inviting me to take part in this fun challenge!



  • http://pingspickings.blogspot.com ping

    Great list of links Megg! I actually thought most of those 7 pics could have been at the #1 category! 

    • Megg

      Aww Ping, you’re too kind! Thanks again for the opportunity! It was fun!

    • http://www.popartichoke.com Megg (PopArtichoke)

      Aww thanks Ping!  This was fun!

  • http://openmouthinsertcookie.blogspot.com tofugirl

    Heh, this was a lot harder than I thought it would be!  But it was fun going through old posts   Thanks for the tag!

    • http://www.popartichoke.com Megg (PopArtichoke)

      I know, it was kinda hard wasn’t it?  I love your picks though!

  • Amy Ellis

    This looks fun, but challenging. Perhaps once my blog is a little older it’ll be a little more interesting for me to try.

    • Megg

      Yeah, it was way harder than I thought it would be, but it was a cool exercise. Thanks for stopping by, Amy!

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