by Megg on June 12, 2010

PopArtichoke is a place for home-cooked food, the world of bento-making, and culinary exploits!

PopArtichoke is owned and written by me, Megg. I’m a Chicago native with a passion for food and an obsession for bento boxes. For most of my life, I was an artist, or considered one at least. I was going to school for it, I had an arty job, and frankly, was pretty good at it. Still, it was becoming increasingly apparent to me that I didn’t want to pursue art as a career.

As for cooking, I’d never really done it. As a child I was allergic to dairy, was a vegetarian on-and-off for about 10 years (until a few years ago, actually) and grew up in a household of health food that was, let’s say, less than appetizing to my young palate, and otherwise basic meals. Then I started working at a grocery store, making signs and doing art and happening to pick up a lot of culinary knowledge while doing so. After years of using ignorance as an excuse, I finally stopped saying “I don’t know how to cook” and just started cooking. Believe it or not, it was actually that simple.

So after a lot of practice and reading and observing and so forth, I started getting pretty good, and started focusing on making the food look pretty and taking photos. Around the beginning of 2010 I started posting photos online with regularity, and suddenly found myself with way too many friends trying to get me to cook for them. Around this time I also discovered bento boxes, first as just a way to bring food to work or school in order to save money, and then I just couldn’t quit. I started a photo diary of my bento boxes as a way to get myself to make them every day I worked, and then dove into full-time bento obsession mode.
After a few months of bombarding my friends with photos of food, people started suggesting I start a blog. And so, here we are!

I struggled to think of a name that referenced both food and my arty past, and if possible, a bento reference as well. Pop art is often colorful (and I LOVE bright colors in art and in food), draws from pop culture mass media such as advertising (which I always liked because it’s practical application of art, much like food), comic books (which I love in their own right, and what-do-you-know, the frames are rather like a bento box!), and themes of repetition/reproduction (I almost always cook meals for at least two, and if you’ve ever witnessed the line in a professional kitchen, it’s pretty amazing) and consumption (this one should be obvious!). And artichokes? They’re just really effin’ delicious!

So welcome to PopArtichoke, and enjoy!


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